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Having been in the language industry for 10 years, I have watched things evolve quite drastically. English is the international language; no one will contest this. However, the rest of the world now speaks English; speaking English is therefore no longer (in my opinion) a competitive advantage.

It is a commonly accepted fact that the best team in the workplace is one which can communicate effectively and work together for a common goal. In an ever growing international community, the general consent is that the coalition of English and other languages within the work place should rapidly produce a better overall productivity and create an enhanced working environment.

But that’s not the most exciting part…

Imagine the sense of belonging and achievement that will derive from greeting colleagues in their mother tongue… How would you feel if you could hold that very important meeting in your client’s language?

This is what makes language learning worthwhile and inspiring.

Bonjour Monsieur, puis-je parler à votre Directeur de Recherche, s’il vous plaît?
Wir haben leider nur wenig Zeit. Darf ich Sie bitten, sich kurz zu fassen?
No dude en consultarme si necesita más información.
Я бы хотел переговорить с вами по поводу нашей встречи в пятницу

If you can carry on any of the above conversations without prompting, you probably don’t need my advice! 

If not, your goals should be:

  1. To show key members of your staff that by adapting to their strengths and understanding their weaknesses, professional and highly trained language coaches can help them grow into a language naturally and effectively
  2. Aid them in developing long lasting relationships with their foreign counterparts inside and outside of the business
  3. Educate key members of your staff on how to embrace a foreign language as part of their working values and ethos

Being bilingual will make your team smarter; and at VICI, we will personally guarantee the results!

In an ever growing international business community, if you are serious about putting your company in a very different league to most then, I am sure you will want to talk to us. Visit our Business Page or contact  April on 01635 522410 or email her: april@thevici.com



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