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Body ShopWe teach a variety of languages here at The VICI Language Academy in Newbury, West Berkshire and perhaps not surprisingly to teach a foreign language you need to be fluent in that language.

This is always going to be a job requirement and we are proud that for many of our teachers their chosen language is in fact their first language.

However have you heard about how a teenager was turned down for a job at The Body Shop, apparently as she was not fluent in Mandarin! The Body Shop says not so and blamed the Franchisee for the blunder!

For us the issue is not whether or not Mandarin was a job requirement and frankly The Body Shop can choose what fair criteria can be used and if that includes speaking Mandarin then fair enough.

The discussion among staff and students here at The VICI Language Academy has actually been about the benefits a second, third or even fourth language can bring to your career.

Naturally you may need to be proficient in a language and certainly we work with a host of professionals who do need to speak another language for better communication.

However, as our clients testify they have often had a better reception from prospective employers when they discover they can speak another language – even when it is not required!

Being able to speak a foreign language suggests to employers that you are able to learn something they may well perceive as challenging thinking back to how languages were taught at school, making you eminently more employable and likely to be promoted.

Of course they may not know how much fun you’ve had learning at The VICI Language Academy or comprehend our very different approach to learning.

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